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upscreen Antibakterielle Schutzfolie kompatibel mit Lenovo G70-8

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The United States, of course—according to the United States.

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If Biden Doesn't Govern Like FDR, Democrats Are Doomed

US Representative Abigail Spanberger says Biden wasn’t elected to be FDR; she’s wrong. If Democrats listen to her, they’ll doom the party to suffer midterm losses.

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Dave Chappelle’s Comedy of Bitterness

In his recent special The Closer, and his response to critics of it, he outlines a strange version of identity politics where comedians are always the victims. 

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Why We Need a “Long Telegram” About the Climate Crisis—Not Conflict With China or Russia

If we don’t find a way to address the real and growing climate threat, the basic duty of the state—to defend the security of its citizens—will have been forfeited.

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Lessons From Virginia: You Can’t Ignore the Civil War

America’s unresolved racial identity crisis continues to define US politics.

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Autobürste Staubbürste Staubwedel Sie erhalten 2 Stück,Microfase

It’s time for Washington to have their backs.

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The Supreme Court Is Poised to Give a Giant Gift to Gun Nuts

Yesterday, the nation’s highest court heard the most significant Second Amendment case in a decade, and it did not bode well for gun control.

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The Short, Quixotic History of North Korean Internationalism

Benjamin R. Young’s Guns, Guerillas, and the Great Leader explores how the country turned to isolationism after a failed influence campaign in the mid 20th century.

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As climate impacts worsen in this struggling country, migration increases and that puts many in danger of gang violence.

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How Thousands of Black Farmers Were Forced Off Their Land

Black people own just 2 percent of farmland in the United States. A decades-long history of loan denials at the USDA is a major reason why.
Kali Holloway
In 1883, less than 20 years after emancipation, Curtis Gentry bought nearly 1,500 acres of undeveloped land in Shiloh, a rural community in the Alabama county where he had once been enslaved. Alongside his brother Turner, with whom he was able to reunite after emancipation—unlike the members of so many… Continue Reading >


What “Passing” Can Still Teach Us About Identity

A film adaptation of Nella Larsen’s novel dramatizes the mercurial and sometimes dangerous consequences of a person's performance of self in the public.

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The History of the United States as the History of Capitalism

What gets lost when we view the American past as primarily a story about capitalism? 

Damen Ring echt Gold 333 8Karat 02214856 Zirkonia W.56

Francisco Goldman’s Altered States

In his new novel, Goldman asks readers to question the very essence of how we define ourselves. 

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