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Yuweli Girl Kinder-Spardose für Namen Mädchen mit personalisiert Ranking TOP11 Beauty products

Yuweli Girl Kinder-Spardose für Mädchen mit Namen personalisiert


Yuweli Girl Kinder-Spardose für Mädchen mit Namen personalisiert



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The Institute for Policy & Social Research is a faculty-driven research center supporting social scientists who focus on social problems and policy-relevant questions. IPSR fosters independent researchers and collaborative teams within our network of faculty affiliates and seven interdisciplinary research centers.

COVID-19 Research & Resources

The Institute for Policy & Social Research has been tracking the impact of COVID-19 on the state of Kansas and, as a public service, IPSR has created a website that provides resources for people to see how COVID-19 is affecting the state and its economy. This website includes research presentations by economics professor Donna Ginther (and director of IPSR) that explain how policy has an economic impact on the state. Other links provide background data on demographics and healthcare and broadband access. Please visit https://ipsr.ku.edu/covid19/ for regular updates as new information becomes available.

Kansas Economic Policy Conference to discuss the COVID recovery underway in Kansas

The 2021 Kansas Economic Policy Conference, hosted by the Institute for Policy & Social Research, will include researchers, state legislators and policymakers in discussions about how to build a resilient Kansas economy beyond the far-reaching effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Registration is required for the free, in-person conference, which also will be livestreamed.
Link(s): https://news.ku.edu/2021/10/15/kansas-economic-policy-conference-address-covid-recovery-underway-kansas

55th edition of the Kansas Statistical Abstract publishes new information on Kansas population and more

The newest edition of the Kansas Statistical Abstract is now available. This document, with the latest available data, offers information about Kansas across 16 categories, including population and vital statistics and health. IPSR publishes this compendium of data annually.
Link(s): https://ipsr.ku.edu/ksdata/ksah/

Read the IPSR 2020-21 Annual Report

Read IPSR's annual report for 2020-2021, with information about our affiliates and staff, our work on COVID and service to the state, our research centers, and other highlights from the year.
Link(s): https://ipsr.ku.edu/about/ar2020.shtml

Please visit IPSR's News page for more.

Economic Inter-dependence and National Security in the 21st Century
Dr. Jiakun Jack Zhang, with researchers at the University of California – San Diego and the US Air Force Academy, is investigating the relationship between economic interdependence and national security. He manages and mentors a team of KU undergraduate research assistants who contribute to the project. These students are involved in data collection, analysis, literature review, and drafting working papers. They also have an opportunity to present at conferences. For this project, the team is developing case studies involving economically interdependent ties with China. These case studies will evaluate the relationship between interdependence and coercive power. More information about this research is available on Zhang’s Trade War Lab website (https://sites.google.com/view/jackzhang/home).

The 55th Edition of the Kansas Statistical Abstract is now available! The abstract is available EXCLUSIVELY online as a PDF file with individual pages available in Microsoft Excel and PDF. For more information and access to the data, please visit https://ipsr.ku.edu/ksdata/ksah/.

The Kansas Statistical Abstract was featured in a radio spot on the Jayhawk Radio Network, tune in or click the button below to play the clip now:

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Please visit the conference site for details. Sessions were recorded and will be posted soon.

Ginther, Donna K, Nancy Cayton Myers, Thomas Becker, Lindsay Elliot Jorgenson, "Growing New Ventures and Jobs in Kansas: An in-depth Review of Entrepreneurship Activities and Policies in Kansas and How We Compare." Institute for Policy & Social Research, The University of Kansas (January 2020).

Maynard-Moody, Steven with Charles Epp and Donald Haider-Markel,“Beyond Profiling: The Institutional Sources of Racial Disparities in Policing,” Public Administration Review (forthcoming).

Maynard-Moody, Steven, “Punishing the Poor.” Book review essay, Social Service Review, vol. 90, no. 4 (Dec 2016).

Maynard-Moody, Steven with Michael Musheno, “'Playing the Rules’: Discretion Social and Policy Context”. In Peter Hupe, Michael Hill, and Aurélien Buffat, eds., Understanding Street-Level Bureaucrats (Bristol, UK: The Policy Press, 2016).

Schwarz, Corinne, Erik Unruh, Katie Cronin, Sarah Evans-Simpson, Hannah Britton, and Megha Ramaswamy. “Human Trafficking Identification and Service Provision in the Medical and Social Service Sectors.” 2016. Health and Human Rights Journal 18(1): 181-191.

Ginther, Donna K., Pat Oslund, Genna Hurd, and Xan Wedel. The Status of Women in Kansas and the Bi-State Region, sponsored by The Women's Foundation, February 2016.

Schwarz, Corinne and Hannah Britton. “Queering the Support for Trafficked Persons: LGBTQ Communities and Human Trafficking in the Heartland.” 2015. Social Inclusion 3(1): 63-75.

Weller, Travis and Allison C. Reeve. "Empirical Legal Research Support Services: A Survey of Academic Law Libraries", Law Library Journal, 107:3, 2015

Weller, Travis and Amalia Monroe-Gulick. "Differences in the Data Practices, Challenges, and Future Needs of Graduate Students and Faculty Members", Journal of eScience Librarianship, 4:1, 2015, DOI: 10.7191/jeslib.2015.1070

For other publications please visit our Publications Page.

IPSR events
Institute for Policy & Social Research
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