Chlorine Tablets - 0.5 gm

Chlorine Tablets - 0.5 gm

CHLORITSAFE Chlorine tablets are the best methods of water purification for swimming pools and overhead water tanks. Chlorine tablets are added to kill a wide and varying range of bacteria and other microbes in tap water. It is very useful in disinfecting swimming pool water and other large scale water storage units as they eliminate disease-causing pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and protozoans.

Biochemistry of water chlorination

When dissolved in water, chlorine converts to an equilibrium mixture of chlorine, hypochlorous acid (HOCl), and hydrochloric acid (HCl): Cl2 + H2O ⇌HOCl + HCl In acidic solution, the major species are Cl2 and HOCl, whereas in alkaline solution, effectively only ClO− (hypochlorite ion) is present. Very small concentrations of ClO2−, ClO3−, ClO4− are also found.


Minimum Order Size

Minimum order quantity is 500 Bottles.

Additional Information

  1. Good Shelf Life

    These tablets have a shelf life of 6 months. They are easy to transport as well as store. Although during that period, the tablets should be kept away from moisture and sunlight.

  2. Packaging Material

    The tablets are packed in airtight black colored polythene packed in high quality plastic bottles. These bottles are properly packed in cartons and extreme care is taken so that none of the bottles are missing or are damaged.

  3. Effervescent Tablet

    These effervescent tablets dissolve upon contact with water and leave no residue. Just put the tablet in water and see the effect. This helps when the tablet needs to be used immediately for disinfection of water.

  4. Spectrum of activity

    These water purification tablets show the widest activity effectively eliminating a range of commonly occurring water borne pathogens like protozoans, bacterial spores, fungi, vegetative bacteria, mycobacteria, non lipid or small viruses.

  5. Working of the tablet

    As a strong oxidizing agent, chlorine kills via the oxidation of organic molecules. Chlorine and hypochlorous acid are not charged and therefore easily penetrate the negatively charged surface of the pathogens.

  6. Available Chlorine

    Each 0.5 gm tablet contains 45 mg available chlorine.

  7. High quality product

    Our Chlorine Tablets are ISO Certified and are manufacturing under GMP guidelines. The manufacturing procedures are FDA Approved and licensed hence these tablets are of the best quality.

  8. ISI Marked Tablets

    CHLORITSAFE Chlorine tablets are ISI Marked as well as manufactured according to strict GMP guidelines.

  9. Dosage

    Each 0.5 gm tablet is useful for treating 20 litres of water. Just add the tablet in water and tablet will dissolve almost instantly and completely within a matter of minutes without leaving any residue in water.

Technical Information

Physical Form Solid effervescent tablets
Grade Industrial Grade
Purity 99%
Production Ability 50,00,000 tablets / day
Packaging 100 tablets/ 200 tablets / 1000 tablets
Country of Origin India
Packaging Type Air tight plastic containers
Product Type Finished Product
Size of Tablet 0.5 gm
Available Chlorine 45 mg
Volume of water to be treated 20 litres
Type Water purification tablets / Chlorine Tablets
Chemical Formula CaOCl
CAS Number 7782-50-5
Molecular Weight 35.453 u
Ph Value 7.2 and 7.8
Density 3.2 g/L
Melting Point (Cl2) 171.6 K (−101.5 °C, −150.7 °F)
Solubility 114°C ,3.2 g/L
Shelf Life 6 months
HS Code 28011000