More than a Decade of Experience in the Pharma Industry

Adhish Industries is a manufacturing industry having an experience of more than 10 years in the pharmaceutical sector. We have been supplying Water Purification tablets such as Chlorine Tablets and NaDCC Tablets to Government Agencies all over the country and various countries around the world.


Choose Us?

Advanced Technologies

We have the best in line machinery and very skilled laborers to operate them ensuring maximum efficiency with no room for errors .

Fair and Economical Prices

The prices are affordable to all as we aim to supply our products to all segments of society .Water is the most essential part of our lives and hence its purification should be one of the top priorities In our lives.

Taking Care of Nature

We ensure that our actions do not cause harm to mother nature and we strongly believe that we should play our part to restore it as well.          

High Customer Satisfaction

At Adhish Industries, we believe that customer is the king, hence we treat all our customers as well as interested people with utmost respect and sincerity.

What People are Saying

Over the years, we have not only made customers happy, but we have also built relations with them. By delivering quality products and services, People have always had a certain amount of trust on Adhish Industries whenever Pharma products are concerned. This is what they had to say -

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