Sanitation And Hygiene are the most important keys to good health.

In a world full of pollution sanitation and basic hygiene have become the key factors if a person wants to remain healthy. In urban areas the problem of overpopulation creates a big burden on our resources like habitable space ,clean drinking water and pure air etc. Now it is not always possible for the government to provide water supply in all the areas.Here drinking water purification tablets like Chlorine Tablets play a very important role as they are economical,safe.easy to handle,and very effective in disinfecting water.Chlorine tablets have bleaching powder as their basic active ingredient hence they are very effective in killing most of the germs present in water.Also Chlorine tablets come in a wide range of tablet strengths hence there is no problem of over dosing .Mixed with a lot of excipients Chlorine tablets are much more stable than liquid bleach and they are safe to carry also because they are spill proof.They are very good drinking water purification tablets because they disinfect water at the 'point of consumption ',that is just before drinking.Compared to other bleaching powder based products,Chlorine tablets( ISI mark) are very much in demand as water purification tablets because they provide more amount of 'Free Chlorine' which is required for disinfecting water..These drinking water purification tablets are effective against a wide range of micro organisms like viruses,bacteria,fungi,algae,protozoa and helminths resulting in total disinfection in 30 minutes.

The active ingredient of Chlorine tablet is approved for water purification by the WHO, UNDP, the Red cross, the USEPA (United states Environmental Protection agency, etc.

The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), a leading authority on issues related to water has granted the ANSI/NAF 60 water purification standard. The WHO s emergency relief kit has also got Chlorine tablets as water purification tablets. Chlorine tablets have been suggested as an alternative to Sodium Hypochlorite .As drinking water purifying tablets ,bleaching powder based Chlorine tablets have also been recommended by the State Government of Rio de Janeiro.At the household level,for the routine treatment of drinking water, Thomas Clasen & Paul Edmondson of the department of infections and tropical diseases ,London School of hygiene and Tropical Medicines Leppel Street ,have also suggested the use of Chlorine tablets as water purification tablets.

Most chlorine tablet suppliers in India claim that these tablets are absolutely safe to handle and are very economical too. When introduced in water,these chlorine tablets release a limited amount of chlorine in water gradually thus there is no risk of overdosing while they keep the water purified for a longer duration of time which is not the case with other traditional methods of water purification like say,boiled water and filtered water which get recontaminated over a period of time.

These chlorine tablets have also gained popularity as a cheap and effective means of drinking water purification both at the rural and urban levels. As chlorine tablet suppliers have specified that their major consumers are governent hospitals, NGOs, disaster relief agencies, railways,laundries,hotels,pools,etc.

One latest area where Chlorine tablets have found their use is in bio toilets being made in trains nowadays. Chlorine tablets help in maintaining good sanitation and hygiene in the major spheres of human life. Most chlorine tablet suppliers guarantee that these tablets have no effect on the tasta,odour and colour of water other than a slight smell of Chlorine. These Chlorine tablets are easy to store and distribute as there are no complaints of spillages and leaks.They have an advantage over liquid chlorine which is a hazardous substance and has many restrictions.Chlorine tablets are hence ideal for maintaining hygiene and good sanitation during travelling and in disaster hit areas also.

In todays food and catering industry also a lot of importance is placed on hygiene and cleanliness and hence Chlorine tablets are immensely useful there too. So it is amply clear that Chlorine tablets play an important role in maintaining hygiene and thus ensure good health for all those who use them.

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