Why is there a need for Chlorine tablets ?

Chlorine tablets which have been used from decades as a water purification tablets have a disinfecting nature . They are used in both households as well as in industries for their general nature in killing germs and bacteria .

Since earliest of the times , there has been a need in households for something that could destroy microorganisms present in the drinking water . The people in those times could filter out the impurities using various techniques like using a sieve and sedimentation and filtering etc .But for disinfection , they turned to bleaching powder which was very useful as well as effective . By killing all kinds of pathogens and and microbes , Bleaching Powder was being widely used at those time especially due to lack of any other agents which could act as a drinking water purification tablets .

The main use of chlorine is as a disinfectant that can kill algae and bacteria which are present in water. Usually, Chlorine tablets are used in swimming pools and water treatment plants to disinfect and clean the water for sanitation. Chlorine is also used as an agent to remove the color in paper and cloths. Although the number of Chlorine Tablet supplier all over the world is increasing , it is still difficult to find good quality Chlorine tablets which can act effectively as dissolve completely when coming in contact with water .

Hence it is necessary to understand why bad quality chlorine is not suitable to be used as water purification tablets and also for treatment of swimming pools as well as drinking water . Although Chlorine is naturally available in nature unlike Bleaching Powder which is made by combining a number of chemicals . This natural chlorine comes in 2 forms that is either in gas or in liquid form both of which if not stored properly can be harmful to the user instead of being useful . The Chlorine tablets which are manufactured are very easy to use and easier to store but if necessary precautions are not taken , then these very Drinking water purification tablets might have detrimental effects on health and may cause some damage although temporary in nature to the person or surroundings .

Both Chlorine tablets and bleaching powder exist in many forms. Chlorine can combine with other elements to produce new compounds, while bleach has varieties used as disinfectants. Additionally, both chlorine and bleach are utilized as cleaning solutions and disinfectants in many places such as swimming pools, houses, hospitals , dairy , poultry , during natural disasters such as floods and many other places .

chlorine tablet suppliers all over the world are well aware of the fact of the dual nature of these water purification tablets and hence have to take utmost precaution and care during the manufacturing procedure of these life saving remedies . The most advanced procedures along with testing and analysis is carried out for the manufacture of these drinking water purification tablets So that they can be made available to people for daily use and hence help the general people who cannot afford over the top expensive water treatment plant at homes .

In conclusion , there is a need in India to increase awareness regarding the use of Chlorine tablets , their users , advantages , disadvantages , chlorine tablet suppliers , and their availability . If these steps be taken , then it would definitely ensure that more number of people would have access to clean water suitable for their daily needs such as drinking , bathing etc and hence would eliminate the cases of sickness in people . This would give rise to a healthy society with people aware of their resources along with their health .

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